Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid College Students and Tourists

Well, I've decided to stay in Europe longer than previously planned. I plan on studying in the Netherlands for 2 weeks then hopping around for another 2 weeks afterwords.

Now, I plan on avoiding other college students as much as possible. I cannot stand stupid American college students or Americans abroad. I'm not ripping into my country, I love the country I live in and I love the state I'm in. However, there is the exception.

I was having lunch at Pepe Delgado's maybe 2 weeks before last semester as out and I was eavesdropping in on these two cookie cutter Real World looking people. Well, it was a date I think and it was hardly worthwhile. I bet they never had a second. Anyhow, I remember the blonde (dyed) girl talking about "like I so overslept, like all of my friends were going to Amsterdam and I so like missed the train." WTF, you wonder why people in other countries don't like Americans, it's because of douche bags like that! Another instance I can recall is being in London at breakfast at the hotel and I remember these American tourists (dressed in Hawaiin shirts and with optional fanny packs) just talking down on the waiter there. Why do people go abroad and act like that?!

Anyhow, I want to avoid these type of people as much as possible. I want to blend into the European psyche. You don't get to true experience of being abroad if you stand out like that.

To sum it up:

College Students Abroad (in frats or sorieties) = SUPER FAIL
Typical Tourists (Hawaiin shirts, fanny packs and passports around necks) = UBER FAIL

Back on track: I plan on going to the Netherlands, France, Belgium, England and MAYBE another country less traveled by tourists. Maybe Denmark or Luxembourg. I'd love to go Monaco, but I doubt I could afford that.

"Be a traveler, not a tourist." - Anthony Bourdain

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