Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a terrible place to fly out of if you go by discount standards. We are not a large city therefor we have to get on connecting flights in larger cities. Don't get me wrong, our airport is beautiful, most flights year round are on time, security is easy to get through and it's just not that busy, BUT, there are not that many discounted fares that are listed out of Oklahoma City. I've been on a few airlines email lists for quite some time now that list their discounted fares and rarely do you see flights from Oklahoma City. It sort of makes me wonder that if this is the reason not that many Oklahomans really get out of this state. Is this the reason? Is it more expensive to fly from here? That may be the case.

AirFareWatchdog.com is another website I've come across that really isn't mentioned on other websites. All you have to do is type in your home city or destination city and it pulls up all the deals from all of the airlines that depart from your city or go to your destination city. Pretty neat.

I need to put all of these websites onto a list and put them in the links section.

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Lump said...

this is my favorite airline site! I have numerous emails set up for alerts. :)