Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Europe on Sale via AirfareWatchdog.com

Apparently Europe is cheap right now and at the end of summer. airfarewatchdog.com is reporting that you can fly to Europe (Paris, London) for under 700 and some flights for under 600 bucks. If you don't mind a little cold (or perhaps London's massive snowfall this Winter), you could see the sites you always wanted to see. There is also a flight from Charlotte to London for UNDER 300 bucks. One could easily put together a package with this flight from their hometown to Charlotte, then Charlotte to London + hostel (or hotel) + transfers (heathrow express, gatwick express, tube pass) + food and easily get away with a trip abroad for 1000 bucks. My flight this summer is costing me around 1300 bucks! Wicked.

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