Tuesday, April 28, 2009

British Airways Flight #2

After extensive research I booked a flight from Amsterdam to London. I wanted to take a train, but it's just cheaper for me to take a regional train from Utrecht to Amsterdam (which is connected to the airport) then take a flight from Amsterdam to London. It was about 126 USD, then I figure in the 6.50 Euro to get to Amsterdam from Utrecht, then the Heathrow Express is about 12.50 pound. Still a 3rd of the price for the Eurostar and all of it's connections. So I got a few more BA miles towards my Executive Club membership. I'm nearing a free flight to Europe to use in the future. Exciting, I know.

The Flu and the Media

Where do I even begin? The media is taking this flu thing way out of proportion in regards to the United States. It's causing pandemic because, guess what, PEOPLE ARE MORONS. People are freaking out about a strain of the regular flu. Here is my response and how to prevent yourself from getting said flu:

1. WASH YOUR HANDS. Every single time I use the bathroom in a public place every single guy walks by me after using the restroom without washing their hands. Yeah, I'm serious, every single guy. That is first off, disgusting and second off, really unsanitary. Just take 2 minutes and help us all out who do wash your hands.

2. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. Poor diet is also significant to said flu virus. Take a multivitamin and couple it with some extra vitamin C and zinc.

3. CALM THE HELL DOWN. If you are a normal person, you would already have decent personal hygiene, have a decent diet and are going on business as usual.

As far as travel goes, there has been a number of reports stating that if you are booked to fly to Mexico you can change your ticket by some airlines from May 6th and some great airlines giving people till May 20th. Hopefully this doesn't take a bit hit on the travel industry because they are already in dire straits.

Media, you suck. ABC has been the only station that has good coverage and isn't causing any panic in my eyes. Good for them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I haven't really thought about posting on my own travel blog lately. I have booked flights to Europe and back. I spent a good 30+ hours looking for hotels to stay in. I've finally got those booked too. Yes, plural. I booked 6 nights at a cheap bed and breakfast, then 4 nights where I wanted to stay. Both in close proximity to a tube stop, i mean literally a block on one and about 100 feet on the other. I think next trip to England I'm going to hit up Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool.

The study abroad stuff is all taken care of as well.

I'm just ready to leave now!!! July can't come soon enough!!