Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burning on your doorstep

So I bagged a "Random Crap" today on Finally! It's apparent I have too much time on my hands. Here is the wikipeda description of what I bought or how it's bought:

In lieu of typical product sales, Woot occasionally offers a fukubukuro-like blind grab bag officially called "Random Crap". Its accompanying picture has lent it the name "Bag O' Crap" (BOC). The BOC sells for $1.00 but users are advised to buy the maximum of 3. The BOC typically includes dollar store items and may include significantly more expensive items such as large flat-screen televisions.[7] The BOC typically triggers the flooding and subsequent overload of Woot's servers with thousands and thousands of order requests. The available BOCs typically sell out within seconds. Processing a customer's order for a BOC, assuming he or she is first lucky enough to get one before everyone else, may sometimes take over an hour.

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