Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hells Kitchen

First and foremost I'm a big fan of Gordon Ramsey and am delighted that I'll get to go eat at one of his pubs in London this summer. I turned on Hells Kitchen tonight to see that the men's team won their little challenge the women lost. So Gordan flies the men to eat at a prime steak house while the women are butchering whole cows. Then Gordon serves the women the cow parts. Liver, kindeys, etc. They women are throwing up and some don't even make it past a bite. Seriously? These women want to work in his kitchens and they cannot stand the nasty bits? What the hell is that about? Anthony Bourdain would be so pissed and I bet Gordon Ramsey gets pissed after the commercial break. YOU ARE CHEFS! Study up! Those parts are what everybody else is eating in the rest of the world. Shame.

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