Monday, February 16, 2009

I should have looked at this site before investing in the BA Executive Club. I might have had a reward already. If you pay attention to this particular sentence: BA has clearly refocused its frequent flyer energies on rewarding higher-end spenders.

For a guy like me, it's all about finding the best deals. So I am going to consider trading in the executive club membership for something with a little better effort to bend for the cheap world traveler. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be part of the executive club when I'm older and much more successful. But I guess I was always looking at flying in the long run.

To look at it like this, when I do go abroad, I won't be getting any extra miles for flying British Airways with my executive card flying to Europe. If I was using a United Airlines card flying abroad I could receive up to 10,000 miles. Plus, I might be able to gain access to a United Lounge.

Funny story about United Lounges. I was heading to Atlanta for baseball and I had a flight to Chicago before departing to my destination. I ran into Jeremy Dawson and Chad of Shiny Toy Guns. They were headed to Boston to play a "My Super Sweet Sixteen" for MTV. Well, we ended up on the same flight and ended up in Chicago on a lay over together. I got to go inside my first travel lounge which might have been the arrivals lounge at Chicago O'Hare. Well, we drank 3 drinks in less than an hour and I was already drunk. I ended up trying to pay for my drinks as well as theirs, but Jeremy and Chad had this sort of deal where they traded off paying for drinks at airports. So Chad paid for mine. "You owe me." was the last thing I remember him saying. I ended up buying him a drink at a random bar here in Oklahoma City sometime later. Thanks Jeremy! Not really funny, but interesting. That was my first trip to a travel lounge.

Well, it may have not been funny or interesting, but it was cool for me being in that lounge.

As for using for comparing Airline programs it's clear that my BA card might not be for me. Comparing it to other airlines such as American Advantage, United Mileage Plus and Delta Sky Miles it's far inferior. I think if I can't book a day pass for the Executive Club I will more than likely switch to United or American. Maybe One World?

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