Sunday, February 22, 2009

United Airlines - To gripe or not to gripe?

When I went to London in 2004 I had a lot of flight problems. The first problem was the delay trying to leave Oklahoma. It took us nearly 5 hours to get out of Oklahoma City to Chicago. Well, we ended up in Chicago finally only to miss our connecting flight to London Heathrow. They claimed it was weather so that basically was a screw you. Anyhow, I saw some stupid American tourists (you know the ones I always hate who act like they're better than everyone else that is not them) bitching out the United Airlines help desk at O'hare. Well, I saw and heard they ended up with a hotel room because they were due to be on the same flight. They got a free damn hotel room while my friend and I literally slept overnight in the terminal. What kind of shit is that? I guess you have to bitch pretty hard to get something these days, well, that was 4 years ago so I guess things might have changed but I doubt it. I called United Airlines when I got back and had some rather calm words about how I was mistreated while other people got free rooms. By the way, those departure seats are not comfortable. So I was granted a free domestic flight eventually, but damn that sucked. United has screwed me and has sorted me out in the past.

Another United experience I had was to agree to give up my seat in exchange for some airline goods. I got a free flight and free food for staying at O'Hare an extra 3 hours. I'm all for that. I love airports so much, i mean, its wierd how much I love them so I didn't mind. What I don't like is when everything is shut down and I can't get outside to have a cigarette. I still remembe what that lady looks like that bitched out United to get that free room. I even saw her, fanny pack and map out, walking about in London sometime during that trip. I didn't even bother saying hi, i just mumbled to myself "rude bitch."

I'm good at my negotiating skills, I'll use those next time I'm in a jam at the airport. Next time I'll get sorted out proper. Maybe I'll use the "mystery method" on some unsuspecting female check in attendant.

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