Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flight Searching

I have the night off tonight so after I overloaded myself on Chinese take-out, I'm drinking a Fuller's London Pride Pale Ale (which is unbelievably tasty) and looking for options in regards to my European adventure for the summer. I had to get my car fixed today, however it did not make a huge dent into my travel budget for the summer. I actually don't have a budget yet, but I'm thrifty, yet snobby. I'm thinking if I stay only in Europe for ten days following my study abroad I can stay at nicer places. The travel lodge in Marylebone is a given, because it's just perfect.

So, I'm looking at flights currently. I might just fly Delta just so I can get a baseball game in during a layover. Maybe, maybe not. I dunno. Spending the evening drinking and looking for flights is my kind of night.

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