Monday, May 25, 2009

40 Days till Departure for Europe

Just counting down the days till I leave for Europe. I found out the other day that between landing at Amsterdam Schipol, getting the train to Utrecht and getting a ride to the place to pick up my keys for my apartment, I'll only have an hour to do all of this. Well, they said to just call and they'll wait for me, but we'll see how that goes! I'm just ready to be living in Europe for 3 weeks. I might try to do the 20 dollar trick at the airport to see if I can get a free upgrade to Europe. I'm really excited about flying on British Airways. I think on my day of departure back to the United States, I'm going to head to London Heathrow about 4 hours before hand to hang out. The usual check-in time on international travel is 3 hours ahead, but I'm going early so I can take a ton of pictures of the airport. I had a crappy film camera last time I went and didn't take a single one of the airport, it won't be the same this time around. I got an upgraded camera and memory card as oppossed to my last digital camera, so there will be pictures galore. I plan on either posting daily pictures on here or just a recap, I haven't decided yet nor figured out if I'll have wifi at my apartment in Utrecht. My first London hotel has free wifi, but the second one doesn't. Either way, loads of pictures to be posted.

Been out jogging twice a day in order to drop some pounds before I leave, it's wearing me down!

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