Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome to Michael Hudsons Airport Photo Blog

Well, I've decided to start a blog featuring photos and my time in airports. To a lot of people this seems lame, but to me its exciting . I've always had a thing for airports, even since I was six according to my uncle. Maybe one day I'll start a real site featuring these photos and blogs. For now this will have to do. Today I took some photos of Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. This is the only airport in the city and since I had to pick up my friend Dave from the airport I thought I'd start here. Since I wasn't a passenger, I just had to settle for photos from around the airport and inside. Nothing beyond the gates yet I'm afraid. To follow these test photos, it will probably be inside Will Rogers, then Atlanta Hartsfield International. The thing is, I'm kind of afraid to take pictures of certain things i.e. passegers. Oh well, I'll have to get over that at some point. But the following post will be from Will Rogers World Airport, my first excurstion. Feel free to leave comments and love. If you want to send me your photos from airports you have visited, please feel free to email me: Please include which airport and when in the header. Cheers!!!

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